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Why Choose Us?

We are here to offer the alternative option of healthy food for you. There are not many options in the area. Our goal is to use all local and fresh ingredients to provide you with a healthy meal. Food is our real medicine. Greens, fruits and organic ingredients is the key to begin to feel better and live better. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options for individuals who cannot eat many other foods. We are here to help build a healthier self and still eat good while tasting good aswell. our menu is constantly changing so keep an eye out. Any suggestions please feel free to contact us. 

Eat better- Live better- Feel better

About Us


Health became a huge focus in college when my body began to deteriorate with aches and pains. Having zero energy quickly became a everyday all day feeling. I got into fitness then realized I had to change my diet. after loosing 25lbs and gaining energy back I discovered I had Hypothyroidism where everything seems to be a chore, even walking. It just made me focus more on fitness and nutrition. I quickly became a personal trainer and nutrition coach for many of my clients. I began to see I was not the only one suffering with similar issues. I started a small meal prep business to help my clients reach there goals and feel better. Thats were Just Betta came along. I wanted to help many more to feel better just like I did. And now I can provide healthy options to all customers not just my clients. I look forward to seeing you all there. Enjoy!!


Come check us out at the Markets of Hanover. We are located in the food court area. 

Don't want to come in, put in an order online for curbside pickup. In the comments describe what car your in and approximately when your coming to pick up.

The Markets of Hanover

1649 broadway Hanover PA 17331

Business Hours

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